Laser Keypad



  1. Digital Display - This area will show the current status of the laser.

  2. Power indicator light - This will light green when there is power to the laser.

  3. Door open indicator - This light will illuminate when one or more of the three doors are open or not secured properly.

  4. Fast - While jogging the motion system or moving the table, press and hold this button to move the axis faster.  

  5. Up, down, left and right arrows - Use these arrows to scroll through the keypad menu options and to make value changes in the various menus (to be explained)

  6. Table up/down - Use these keys to move the engraving table up and down.

  7. Mode - This key will connect to Jobserver (if applicable).

  8. Pause indicator light - This light will illuminate amber when the current job is paused, or if one or more of the three doors are open.  

  9. Job ready indicator light - This light will flash red when a job is ready to start.  This light will illuminate red when one or more of the three doors are open.

  10. Start - Pressing this button will start a job sent to the laser.  This will also recall the last job sent to the laser as well.  (to be covered)

  11. Pause - Pressing this button during a job will pause the motion system and send the laser to the home position.  This light will also illuminate amber when one of the three doors are open.

  12. Enter - Press the enter key to access the menu options.  (the laser must be in “ready” state in able to do this).

  13. Cancel - Press this key to cancel the current job at the laser (only after pause has been pressed) Or to back out of a menu option.


Operational Mode/Programming Mode


Operational Mode

When the laser is on and "Ready" is displayed on the keypad, the laser is in “operational” mode.  In this mode, you can start, stop, and pause the operation of the laser.  Any changes that need to be made to the laser settings need to be done when the laser is in "programming" mode.  


Programming Mode

To put the laser in programming mode, press "ENTER" on the keypad.  Once in programing mode, the keypad will display numerous menu choices as shown below.  With these menu choices come two basic forms of selections:

  1. Confirmed Action - Confirmed Action menu choices are distinguishable by two periods ".." following the menu name.  These types of actions require additional feedback from the user before the action can be carried out.  

  2. Immediate Action - Immediate action menu choices will execute as soon as they are selected.  There is no confirmation or chance to cancel once selected.  These types of menu choices are displayed by their name only without the two periods.


Menu Overview


While the laser is on and in operational mode, pressing "ENTER" on the keypad will access the menu options.  Use the left, right, up and down arrows to maneuver through the menu options.  Pressing "CANCEL" while in a menu will revert to the previous menu.